5 Tips to Getting a Website Cheap

By October 22, 2016Web Design

Who wants to pay a professional thousands of dollars to build you a web site when there are so many ways you can get it done for much cheaper. After all it is only the online face of your company, the first impression potential customers see when they are looking for your service so why in the world would you invest in that. Certainly they will see through the hodgepodge of different fonts, hideous stock photos and unfriendly navigational layout. I am sure you are passionate about your business, why would you need a professional website to show it? You can certainly afford to lose new site visitors that never go past the homepage. Statistically it takes about 3 years for new businesses to start making profits so you do not want to grow to quickly and make liars out of these number-crunchers.

I have used my 18 years in the industry to compile a list of 5 Tips to Getting a Website Cheap. Here you go…

1. Green Horn – “a person who lacks experience and knowledge.”  This is a great resource for anyone looking to save money. Get them while they are young and let your business be their guinea pig. They will love you for it and you will save tons! If you have trouble finding one reach out to your family and friends. Everybody has an uncle, aunt or kid down the street that saw a YouTube video on web design and should work fine for your business.

2. DIY –  If a few hundred dollars is too rich for your blood, hope is not lost. GoDaddy, WIX, 1&1 all provide great website builders and you will be instant expert even though you don’t know what the hell you are doing. They say it only takes 5 minutes and your website is up. Certainly you have 5 minutes to build the face of your company.

3. SEO – Who needs to pay an expert for this? Google only comes out with 500 changes a year that affects web ranking. Just keyword stuff the hell out of your meta data and let it fly! Certainly none of those changes will affect you and you will continue to live on the first page happily ever after for the rest of your days.

4. Website Content – Why pay for Content Strategy? Just get some content on the site, don’t over think this. If you do put a lot terms in the content that no one would ever do a search for and customers do not understand, it will make you look smart. Blogging or keeping your content fresh? Whatever…what in the world would you have to say that may be of benefit to your customers and help search engines find you. I say “set it and forget it”. Besides you will be busy watching the phone, waiting for it to ring from all this great work you have done.

5. Email Preferences – Email setup is hard and it could take you almost 20 minutes to set up a professional set of emails. Crap you could of built 4 more websites with that sort of time investment. I suggest you continue to use your gmail, yahoo or even better your AOL email you have had forever for all of your business correspondence. That’s the ticket, make sure you put it on all your business cards and things you pass out to potential clients, that will for sure complete your brand.

There you have it. Some of my best ways to save thousands on your business website. Best of luck to you.

Author’s Comments: If by some chance you you are one of the bold ones and want to make a positive investment in your online presence and care about what your customers see I have options for you too. Give us a call and let’s have a quick meeting and see if what we offer makes sense to you.