Houston Your Digital Marketing Blue Print is Here!

So the launch was a success, what's next?

So the launch was a success and there were high-fives all around mission control. What’s next? Does mission control just go home? Of course not. The mission was to complete the full objectve, not just the launch.
The same is true for your website. Whether the launch happened a day ago or a decade ago your site needs support to accomplish the mission. If not, as the saying goes...”HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM

Web Care Plans

Keeping an eye on the instrument panel, checking readings and making sure everything is running smoothly is vital. This is done through our Web Care Plan making sure your site is running at full capacity and optimal performance.

Search Engine Optimization

The dark side of the moon refers to the place where astronauts can not been seen or heard by mission control. If your website is on page 2 or further on Google your site is stuck here and your business is not getting the exposure it needs to be successful.

Design and Maintenance

The astronauts, like your customers need the best of the best. Your  website, the information you are offering should be solving problems to be valuable (not just offering information). This builds the trust you need from your website visitor so they feel like they are dealing with a professional that understands their needs and positions you as the expert and someone that wants to help.


The most widely used form of qualifications your business can have these days is having a prestigious online reputation through the reviews you obtain through Google and other Social Media outlets. The first thing a customer does when looking for a service is research. In fact 90% of all consumers are reading reviews before even going to a website. If your competitors have more reviews than you do you could be getting passed over time and time again.

Lead Generation

There has not been a single launch in the US that didn't have Americans glued to the TV in anticipation. It is the job of your website to stimulate a captive audience and feed valuable information to them on a regular basis. This is accomplished by implementing a strategic lead generation process on your site. It brings value to your visitor and gives you a new audience to educate and sell to.


Without a steady flow of communication to your customers and leads relationships start to fade away. This is accomplished through email marketing and can bring a significant ROI. Think of these as check points and updates to your audience that support the overall mission. Don't let your audience forget about you or they will change the channel and find something else that is more entertaining and valuable.