Facebook Marketing Series #4 – Top 5 SEO Tips

Facebook Friday Training Series

1. Get your vanity URL (e.g. www.facebook.com/nietocreative)
This is what we talked about in week 1. URLs are heavily weighted by search engine algorithms, so include your brand name and one keyword if possible when you set up your Facebook Page URL.

2. Choose the best name for your Facebook page
Don’t stuff your page name with tons of keywords, like “Vicki’s Photography – Wedding, Seniors, Family, Weddings & Events. This kind of “keyword stuffing” could hurt your growth rate inside Facebook. It can feel “salesy” and your fans will be less likely to interact with your page. If your business has one name and isn’t clear exactly what you do, you could combine the name of your company and your brand name for your URL (i.e. /ACADEMYsports)

3. Be strategic when using keywords on your page
The same way you want to be keyword optimized on your website, you will want to take the same approach with your Facebook page. It is especially important to focus on the About page, Mission section and Company Description as these are key SEO areas from your page.

4. Create inbound links to your page from existing channels
The more inbound links you have the more important your page is to Google which means you will be ranked higher. It is important to link to your Facebook page from your website, blog, and Twitter profile just to name a few.

5. Optimize your status updates
When posting a status update be sure to pay close attention to the first 18 characters. These first set of characters will serve as the meta description for the status update. So when Facebooks says “Write something…..” you may want to include direct links back to your website. It is a free backlink to your website when people share the post.

And remember….Be Found, Be Professional, Be Recommended.