How Home Service Networks Are Killing Small Business SEO

By August 18, 2016Local SEO

The Dirty Facts

So we all know how difficult it is to get ranked on the first page of Google. Large companies spend thousands if not tens of thousands a month to maintain a good marketing strategy that ensures they are moving in the right direction. Most small business just do not have that kind of budget to keep up. The good news for small businesses is that if they are not in an overly saturated market they can make some good head way if they have the right team on their side. Spending just 5- 10 hours a month with monitoring and tweaking a company can make some huge strides in getting you seen by Google and potential customers.

The Bad News

Now here is the bad news, there are only a precious 10 spots available on Google’s first page. If you are not on the first page it is likely that people searching for your products or service will not find you. Why you ask? Because statistics say 75% of Google searchers never go past the first page. In comes the big boys (and girls), the likes of Angie’s List, Home Advisors, Porch, Thumbtack and YELP…the list just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Plenty of room in those pockets to dig deep for the marketing dollars to occupy the home services space. So what is the results? The now critical 10 spaces where some small business had some hope of competing for the attention of customers is now significantly reduced. I have completed test after test and seen anywhere from 3 to 5 of the 10 Google listings occupied by these networks. Not to mention the other sites trying to occupy that space like and similar sites. It is just getting harder and harder to compete these days.

The Good News

All is not lost, Google luckily has given local companies some room on the first page where local businesses can still shine and hopefully catch the attention of local searchers still looking for a company not a network or membership. They do this through Local SEO and these days it is the best way of making sure you are least in the game.  I encouraged small businesses not to get discouraged. There are still many ways you concur the big networks through good SEO strategies and Local SEO. If we can help answer any question about local SEO let us know.

So business owners do not raise the white flag yet…there is still hope.

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