SEO vs. SEM – A Marketing Bedtime Story

By February 9, 2017SEO vs SEM

You remember the story of the tortoise and the hare right? SEO and SEM has a similar story on the results they can achieve for your business. Lets review and see how these two different creatures plan their strategy and the outcome it produces.


SEO SEO (The Tortoise)

Slow and methodical was the tortoise taken step after step never wavering to the end goal. In similar fashion your SEO strategy should be very similar. It takes time to achieve great success but this is only accomplished by starting now and being consistent, deliberate and never taken your eye off the finish line. The results will be glorious and you will soon be driving new traffic daily to your site for FREE.

The implementation of an SEO Campaign is directed for the long term rankings of your site. With a good mixture of On-Page, Technical and Off-Page optimization you can fine-tune your website to better position your organic search results for potential customers making sure that you are being found when people are searching for you. This approach has slower results than an SEM campaign but we all know how the story of the Tortoise and Hare ends.

Start As A Tortoise

SEMSEM (The Hare)

The Hare has a different strategy than the tortoise. He still achieves his goal but uses short sprints to get there and in the end does not beat the success of the tortoise (SEO). The short sprints come at a cost. At times he would slow down to rest or when he felt he had the time to do so. For your business the cost is dollars and you may need to slow down your SEM strategy when you get too busy or if you start to exceed your budget.

SEM is great way to overcome slows or seasonal trends and help drive new traffic to your site. A  pay per click campaign will put your site and offering in front of potential customers. SEM is extremely flexible fitting the needs of any size business and any size budget. Your campaign can be started and paused easily, you can set your own budget and you have control on how you promote your business.

Start As A Hare