Here are some great layouts that will make your site look awesome.
Tailored for any business.



You are looking for layout elements that make sense to you. Look at the Header, Navigation, Content Areas such Full-Width, Box (with background) Sidebar Elements. You are not tied to...

  • Colors
  • Backgrounds
  • Images and icons
  • In general all design elements

I am here to help you along the way. If you not sure what might work best for your situation then we can discuss before I design the site.

Altitude Pro

Altitude Pro is a great layout with a lot of attitude. Ideal for a horizontal logo left and crisp navigation to the right. You can add your social media links and phone number right at the top for easy access.

Great for businesses that want to show some great photo backgrounds. It is broken into small bit-sized sections for your visitor to gobble up and move to an area of interest. Also great for sites that are content light and do have a ton to say.

Daily Dish Pro

Daily Dish is another great option for sites with more content if offers a side bar that can hold a number of extra content so your visitors do not have to scroll to get to the content. Mainly used for offers and coupons or anything else that you want to promote. Great  horizontal for your logo and a centered navigation top center.

Don't let the name fool you although great for catering and restaurants it also good for a variety of other businesses looking to maximize space and offer a lot of good content.

Agency Pro

I personally love this layout. Nice navigation and logo areas. The static background stays put when your visitors scroll through as much content as you have. This allows you to put a nice look and feel to your site that represents your company. Similar to Daily Dish it offers more content above the fold with the side side bar that can hold a number of extra content.

Slick and stylish design to get you going in the right direction for your presenting your information to your site visitor.