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So as a business owner you need to keep a close eye to make sure everything is working. In this stage, you want to focus on these new 3 tasks.


Web Analytics


Heat Mapping


SE Rank Reporting

Web Analytics
Knowledge is power is that power leads to profits. Knowing how many site visitors you get regular is your responsibility but it is difficult to understand the data behind it. Some key areas here to focus on are how many, where are they coming from and what pages they are looking at. This is only a few of the vast amount of data you can acquire from letting me help you understand it all. 

There is power in the knowledge, use it accordingly. Smart changes matter.

Heat Mapping
Wouldn't be great to know what your visitors are looking at most on your website, what they are looking the least at. Did they scroll down to see specials or information below the fold? Now you can with heat mapping and video recordings of your visitors interactions. Review often and make data driven changes that increase your business. 

Knowing how your site visitor interacts with your page can be a game-changer.

Search Engine Ranking
Getting on the first page on Google is hard enough, make sure you stay there. One thing is for sure if you do nothing with your site for a long period of time you will lose the ranking fight. This is about monitoring ranking, optimizing new pages and maintaining your position.

Your package includes tracking and optimization so you never have to worry.

Take the first step. I educate then the ball is in your court. It is that simple.

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